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Harvesters’ April Gathering to Include A Little Touch of Whimsy

Whimsy is defined as “a thing that is playfully quaint or fanciful“. The Harvesters will have the opportunity to see plenty of whimsical pieces of art as they visit The Marietta Museum of Art and Whimsy in Sarasota on Thursday, April 12th.

The mission of the museum is “to operate an extraordinary art and whimsical museum for the public by collecting, preserving and exhibiting works of artistic and whimsical importance to educate our visitors about our culture and history. We have created an environment to inspire, nurture creative expression, and lift our spirits.”

The museum was founded in 2006 by Marietta Lee. She loved going to outdoor art shows and discovered a variety of American artists with fresh, colorful, creative and upbeat ideas. There was a sense of freedom and pride in their work. They were true small business entrepreneurs. An artist herself, Ms. Lee, thought it would be fun someday to bring all these people together to display their work for everyone to see.

When inspired with the idea to create a museum for these artists, Ms. Lee immediately began collecting artwork. However, it was difficult to find a location for the museum in her hometown of Guilford, Connecticut. So, she turned her attention to Sarasota where she maintained a residence and knew so well of its diverse cultural appeal and reputation as an art friendly community.

Within a short time, in 2008, she purchased the present museum and began work on a huge remodel of the Sarasota museum site including the wonderful gardens. The museum officially opened its doors October 2010.

Ms. Lee passionately shares, "It became clear when we started hanging the first exhibit, that this eclectic collection of paintings, sculpture, and mixed media demonstrated that art can be a positive force in our lives, inclusive rather than exclusive. I think that's why it’s so appealing to people of all ages. What is truly unique about this museum is that about half of the artists are women, half are men and most of the artists are alive!"

The Harvesters’ visit will begin at 1:30 PM with a 45-minute tour of the inside the museum led by Marietta Lee. After the inside visit is completed, you will be able to view the sculpture garden at your leisure. Cost for the tour is $5.00/person.

The Harvesters will gather for lunch at 11:30 AM at Mattison’s City Grille in downtown Sarasota. Cost of lunch will be on your own and we will be ordering from the menu.

Registrations for this event will be limited to 25 people. Registration deadline is Thursday, April 5th. If you are going to join the group for lunch, please check the “add-on” on the registration.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact Bob or Mary Stark at (231) 564-0677.


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Harvesters' Little Touch of Whimsy

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  • April 12
    11:30 am - 3:00 pm